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Fixodent Side Effect Lawyers

Fixodent Side Effects: What Denture Wearers Need to Know

Some consumer products that denture wearers frequently use could be harmful according to new developments that shows health risks related to denture bonding creams such as Fixodent. That's why Fixodent zinc poisoning lawyers like those at Anapol Schwartz are trying to educate many of their clients about the dangers of using this commercially available compound and what they can do if they are harmed.

Fixodent Contains High Levels of Zinc

Zinc, a naturally occurring element, is dangerous in high doses. Now, researchers are saying the levels of zinc in Fixodent and other denture creams may be too high. Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has recalled several of their products, and PA Fixodent attorneys are calling for other companies to follow suit.

High zinc levels, according to experts, lead to depleted copper levels in the body (hypocupremia), resulting in a condition called neuropathy. People have reported having forms of neuropathy, and after many consultations with their family doctors, some have been told to stop using denture products with high zinc levels.

Fixodent Side Effects: Symptoms of Neuropathy

PA Fixodent lawyers and others working for clients with exposure to Fixodent know that the symptoms of zinc-induced neuropathy can mimic those of other conditions. The common symptoms of neuropathy include nerve sensations such as tingling in the limbs as well as fatigue. With zinc poisoning, vitals like blood pressure may change and sufferers may report hot or cold sensations or sensitivity to touch. Doctors might misdiagnose the situation for months before arriving at the conclusion that excessive zinc is slowly poisoning the body.

The Fixodent attorneys at Anapol Schwartz are ready to help clients understand what's involved in assessing a zinc-related risk, bringing a Fixodent denture cream case and seeing the legal process through. Attentive legal teams at our offices will work hard to get clients what they deserve after suffering from zinc-related conditions. If you have experienced zinc poisoning or neuropathy symptoms due to Fixodent use, call Anapol Schwartz at 1-866-735-2792 to see how they can help.

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